Artistry, education, culture, and collaboration are all critical elements of the CHILDREN'S CHOIR SERIES. Young singers will begin the concert residency by getting to know one another in a relaxed, supportive setting. Rehearsals will foster musical growth, encourage performers to realize further artistic potential, and connect them with other enthusiastic musicians. All singers will return home having experienced something unique, special, and exceptional -- an experience shared with peers from across the country.

For information about participation and pricing for the 2019 Children's Choir Series, click below.

2018 performance opportunities

APRIL 14-17 • Margaret Nomura Clark • Washington National Cathedral • Washington, D.C. (Registration is now closed)

APRIL 27-30  •  Henry Leck  •  Carnegie Hall  •  New York City
JUNE 8-12  •  Henry Leck  •  Dan Forrest: Jubilate Deo  •  Carnegie Hall  •  New York City
JUNE 16-19  •  Anthony Trecek-King  •  Carnegie Hall  •  New York City
JUNE 16-19  •  Emily Ellsworth  •  The Kennedy Center •  Washington, D.C. (Registration is now closed)
JUNE 22-25  •  Elena Sharkova  •  Carnegie Hall  •  New York City
JUNE 23-26  •  Lynnel Joy Jenkins  •  St. James Cathedral  •  Chicago